“Desperation” by Daughtry

This song is premised on a feeling of macrocosmic discontent, if you will. Indeed the titular “desperation” can be interpreted as being akin to a sensation where one simply doesn’t feel at peace in today’s world. And as presented, one of the ways that mentality is manifested is by for instance an individual, such as presumably the singer himself, not being keen to go along with the crowd or submit to some of the established authorities.

So if you’re one of these types of individuals who decide to “stray from the hive”, i.e. break away from the mainstream and do your own thing, then doing so, apparently, is what is being equated to an act of “desperation”. 

But also, as relayed by the vocalist, doing so is tantamount to an act of love, at least ideologically. In other words, from this perspective, making this decision isn’t about, say becoming a revolutionary. Rather it’s like what the world is lacking is love. Thus, that would be what the ‘desperate’ ones who detach themselves from it are actually searching for.

In short: The world is a place where conformity is espoused over love, so achieving the latter requires some ‘desperate’ measures.

Lyrics of "Desperation" by Daughtry

Facts about “Desperation”

Daughtry’s frontman (Chris) is credited as the sole composer of “Desperation”. This is one of three songs on Daughtry’s “Dearly Beloved” album that was composed entirely by Chris Daughtry. The other two are “Lioness” and “Somebody“.

Since “Desperation” didn’t come out as one of Dearly Beloved‘s singles, it was made commercially available to fans on the same day the whole Beloved project also came out. This was on the 17th of September, 2021.

It is the first song on the project’s track listing. Furthermore, with a total length of 4 minutes and 48 seconds, it is the album’s longest song.


The “Dearly Beloved” Album

The aformentioned project is the sixth studio album released by the band Daughtry. It holds the distinction of being the first of Daughtry’s albums to be released without assistance from the band’s former label RCA Records.

The album was released via a relatively unknown label called Dogtree Records.

There are 13 songs on the album’s standard edition. Only two out of these 13 songs officially came out as singles. The first was “World on Fire“. And the second was “Heavy is the Crown“.

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