“Changes Are Coming” by Daughtry

“Changes Are Coming” is a track that encourages personal perseverance, with the two verses taking slightly different approaches in getting this point across. The first is more along the lines of admonishing the addressee, who can be interpreted as the listening audience in general, not to let past mistakes prevent him or her mind from moving forward in a constructive manner. 

And the second is a bit more physically-oriented, based on a setting where the addressee is going through some type of hardship that is not only discouraging but also perhaps can cause bodily harm. And what the band is putting forth in both scenarios, as indicated by the title, is “changes are coming”. Or as people may say in some parts of the world, ‘no condition is permanent’.

But more to the intended point, the vocalist is able to perceive that it’s only a matter of time before the addressee overcomes these difficulties he or she is going through. So yes, s/he may be in for a “fight”, a “war” even, but in Daughtry’s mind shrinking away from the challenge is not an option. Therefore, the simplest way of describing this piece is as being based on a never-give-up type of sentiment. But its premise and conclusions are both the same, i.e. the narrator being firmly under the belief that “changes” lie ahead for those who can endure the various storms we may face in life.

Daughtry , "Changes Are Coming" Lyrics

Facts about “Changes”

The song was produced by multiple noted record producers, including American musician and record producer Marti Frederiksen. Fellow American producer Scott Stevens is also a credited producer on this track. Actually both he and Marti produced the entire “Dearly Beloved” album on which “Changes Are Coming” is featured.

The duo also assisted Chris Daughtry in writing the song.

The album, “Dearly Beloved” was released on 17th of September, 2021. It has approximately 13 songs on its standard form. On its non-standard form, there is an extra track titled “Hunger Strike”.

The official singles birthed by “Dearly Beloved”are:

When was “Changes Are Coming” released?

“Changes Are Coming” shares the same release date with the “Dearly Beloved” project. About a week after the release of “Dearly Beloved”, “Changes Are Coming” was released as the album’s third single.

Changes Are Coming

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