“Lioness” by Daughtry

Interpreting a Daughtry song requires a certain amount of speculation or assumption making on the part of the interpreter. And in the case of Lioness, one of the first presumptions we’ll make is that the addressee, i.e. the titular figure, is a romantic interest of the singer’s. Therefore she is not a literal “lioness” but is rather described as such as an allusion to possessing an “unbridled” and even intimidating personality.

Now, the addressee wasn’t always like this. In fact the vocalist himself witnessed her “change”. And perhaps the simplest way of describing the transformation, as implied in the lyrics, is that now she has become some type of troublemaker or formidable opponent. Therefore, it would appear she even has Chris a bit shook.

Also let it be known, due to the ambiguity of the lyrics, that all of the above can perhaps point to something amorous, i.e. the vocalist being sexually intimidated by the addressee. If not, then it reads as if he may literally be afraid of her. Either way this is obviously – and suddenly – a serious lady he has to contend with.

Lyrics to "Lioness" by Daughtry

This Chris Daughtry-authored song was released from “Dearly Beloved”, the group’s sixth studio record. This track appears as the twelfth song on the record’s track list. It wasn’t one of the official singles that emerged from “Dearly Beloved”.

The song “World on Fire” is one of two singles issued from “Dearly Beloved”. The other single from the album is “Heavy Is the Crown“.

Record producer, Marti Frederiksen worked alongside Scott Stevens to produce “Lioness”. The two are also listed as co-producers of the above-mentioned record.


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