“Cry for Help” by Daughtry

Most easily explained, Daughtry’s “Cry for Help” advocates letting the tears flow and reaching out for “help” when the world becomes too much to bear. 

It can be said to be generally premised one of the permeating subthemes that runs throughout the band’s “Dearly Beloved” album, that of the world being in some type of unfavorable state. 

But more to the point in this case is the individual at hand, i.e. the addressee, being overcome with a deep feeling of depression and alienation. And what Chris Daughtry and co. seem to be trying to get at is that at the end of the day, on top of the world being a dark place, no one actually knows what people go through on personal level. 

Or viewed alternatively, even your next door neighbor can be going through a serious bout of depression without you being aware of it. So at the end of the day, we don’t need any permission to breakdown and “cry like rain”. But at the same time, as indicated by the title, the vocalist is calling for such individuals to “cry for help” also, i.e. seek it assistance, and out and shall we say not taking no an answer when it comes to remedying the situation.

So concerning the aforementioned “Dearly Beloved”, it is a project filled with a lot of angst. However, this is one of the rare cases, if not the only, where the blame is not being directed towards the outside world or an external individual. Instead, unlike Asylum if you will, this time those overcome with negative feelings are being advised to seek out constructive assistance.

"Cry for Help" Lyrics

Facts about “Cry for Help”

The core theme of “Cry for Help” is if a depressing situation become unbearably strong, we should not be afraid of crying out for help.

“Dearly Beloved” (which is officially the 6th studio album of Daughtry’s musical career) came out via RCA Records on September the 17th of 2021. “Cry for Help” appears as the 6th track on the album. And since it wasn’t released as one of the singles of the album, it shares the same release date as the album. The official singles that RCA Records released in support of “Dearly Beloved” are as follows:

Cry for Help

Writing Credits

Chris Daughtry composed “Cry for Help” with two other writers, namely:

  • Scott Stevens
  • Marti Frederiksen

Both Scott and Marti also hold production credits for this song.

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