“I Think He Knows” by Taylor Swift

“I Think He Knows” is a song that is based on Taylor Swift being infatuated with a certain romantic interest.

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She is seemingly admiring minute details about him from afar, as in not stating her love forthrightly.  This is not necessarily an indication of her being intimidated or shy. Rather she is in complete control, as in the relationship is moving at a pace that she has established. Moreover Taylor appears pretty convinced that, despite once again never kicking to dude like that, “he knows” of her feelings and intentions and is going along with the game.

Overall it is clear that this is someone the singer truly cares about. Indeed thinking about this fellow gives her a giddiness reminiscent of her teens. Moreover she insinuates that if he does not take advantage of the situation by making a formal, long-term commitment, a quality woman like herself is going to move on with her life. So in one way or another, we can say she is clearly keen on the prospect of marriage. And clearly the addressee has strong feelings for her also. And Taylor Swift, being the person that she is, completely understands why.

Lyrics of "I Think He Knows"

Release Date of “I Think He Knows”

Republic Records featured “I Think He Knows” on Swift’s album which goes by the title Lover. Both this tune and its album came out on 23rd August 2019. The song, which is the sixth track on Lover, wasn’t issued as a single. The official singles that came out of Taylor’s Lover are as follows:

Writing and Production

Taylor Swift of course wrote this song. She was assisted in writing and producing it by Jack Antonoff, who worked with her on the entire album.

Does “I Think He Knows” contain any interpolations or samples?

No! The only tracks from Lover that contain samples or interpolations are “London Boy” and “The Archer“.

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  1. Walter says:

    It takes two to tango and Taylor Swift can become shy and intimidated as can her soul-mate just like anybody can. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Enchanted Swiftie says:

      right! btw this article should’ve said that her lover was (and is!) Joe Alwyn bc by then it was confirmed (I think???)

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