Avicii’s “Waiting for Love” Lyrics Meaning

Avicii’s “Waiting for Love” is a song in which the narrator is bigging up the concept of love and is exercising patience in terms of eventually receiving it.

“Love”, as it is generally presented in the first verse of this song, has the ability to overcome any “obstacle”. And in the second verse, he sings of the concept in regards to a specific relationship he is in. And apparently, his “blind and… cynical” behavior has had some kind of detrimental effect on this association. However, he is positive that this union and life will turn out favorably as long as love is present. Indeed on a macrocosmic level, this song reads as if it is espousing a philosophy centered on the idea that love is the most-powerful force on Earth.


In the chorus of “Waiting for Love”, the singer uses a progression through the subsequent days of the week to illustrate how he is “waiting for love”. “Monday”, which symbolizes the beginning of his journey, is marked by depression. But by weekend, he is animated and develops a feeling of fulfillment.  Or more specifically, he is reinvigorated to keep “waiting” until “love” finally does arrive.

“Waiting for Love” deals with the power and quest to find love

So once again, this is a song touting the power of love. The second verse in particular deals with it from an interpersonal perspective. However, in general it seems to be espousing the concept of love in all of its various manifestations and presents it as being an undefeatable force. And all the narrator wants in life is the one he loves very much. He is therefore hoping against hope that this person will come his way. He misses their presence and love so much. If only he could be in the company of his love, then sunshine and happiness would be with him all his days.

Lyrics of "Waiting for Love"

Who is the old man in the music video for “Waiting for Love”?

The sad old man in the video is played by Swedish actor Sten Elfström. Swedish video director and editor Sebastian Ringler directed the clip.

Release Date of “Waiting for Love”

Universal Music Group released this as the second single from Avicii’s Stories album on 22 May 2015.

Writing Credits for “Waiting for Love”

Avicii co-produced and co-wrote “Waiting for Love” with Dutch music producer and DJ Martin Garrix. But Garrix and Avicii weren’t the only writers that contributed songwriting to “Waiting for Love”. The other co-writers of the song are:

  • Salem Al Fakir
  • Vincent Pontare
  • Simon Aldred

Simon Aldred of the English band Cherry Ghost, whom some mistook for John Legend on this song, also provides the vocals for the track. That said, it should be noted that Aldred went uncredited for it.

A Global Success

“Waiting for Love” was a major international success, topping music charts in many places, including Austria, Norway and Avicii’s homeland of Sweden. The song also peaked at number 6 in the United Kingdom.

Additionally “Waiting for Love” managed to go multi-platinum in many countries, including Australia and once again Sweden.

Emotional Lyric Video

Avicii (1989-2018) was involved in the making of the highly-emotional and beloved lyric video of this song. It was directed by another Swedish director named Jasper Eriksson.

To be honest, the video pretty much explains the meaning of the lyrics of “Waiting for Love”.

Upon Avicii’s sudden death in 2018, this song and other Avicii hits like “Wake Me Up” and “Hey Brother” received even more popularity the world over. Many Avicii fans fondly remember and miss him through this song.

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