“Hold the Line” by Avicii (ft. ARIZONA)

Avicii’s “Hold the Line” is based on the premise of life being extremely-challenging, especially for young people. Or perhaps more-specifically, the singer and the person(s) he is addressing are going through a dangerous time in life, as in it being overwhelmingly-depressing. And he is here to let the addressee know that ‘surrendering’ to these difficulties is not an option. Instead they will press on this arduous journey not in the name of “glory” but rather to see the “dawn” which “only comes at the end the night”. Simply put, if they soldier on, the present hardship will ultimately make way to a glorious future.

In the wake of Avicii’s suicide on 20 April 2018, this song has taken on an even-stronger meaning. Or put differently, in light of this event, Arizona’s Zachary Charles has specifically stated that the lyrics are intended to let those “(struggling) with anxiety and depression” know that they “are not alone”.

Zachary Charles talks about "Hold the Line"

So in conclusion, this is a support song. The addressee is going through a harrowing time in life, and the singer can sympathize as he is experiencing likewise. However, the latter is confident that if they persevere, they will come out to see a much-brighter day.

Writing of “Hold the Line” and its production

Writing credits for this song are shared amongst Avicii and his long-time homey, Lucas von Bahder alongside the following:

  • Andrew Jackson
  • P.J. Bianco,
  • The members of ARIZONA (Nathan Esquite, David Labuguen and Zachary Charles)

 Lucas von Bahder also helped Avicii produce the song (as in finishing it after his death). Further production contributions were done by Albin Nedler, who has worked on a number of Avicii’s tracks.

Release Date

“Hold the Line” was released by Universal Records on 6 June 2019 as part of Avicii’s first posthumous album, “Tim”.

Song’s Genesis  

The genesis of this track was actually a few years ago when Arizona reached out to Avicii concerning the two of them collaborating. And Avicii displayed an affinity for this song shortly before this death.

Was this song one of the singles from TIM?

No. TIM had only three singles. They are”:

Noteworthy Info

Arizona has fully sympathized with the pressures which drove Avicii to suicide. Indeed as of the release of “Hold the Line” they are touring the United States and will donate $1 from every ticket sold to a suicide-prevention/mental-health NGO called Hope for the Day.

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