“For A Better Day” by Avicii

Avicii uses “For A Better Day” to tell a story of how people go to all lengths just for the promise of a luxurious life.

The first verse of the song talks about taking risks without thinking about the consequences involved. It also shows a form of betrayal in the ensuing lines. The betrayal in this verse is described here as cold because it is probably from someone that is close.

In the second verse, he goes to say he would never give up on life. He finishes this section in a reminiscent tone reminding whoever betrayed him that even though he is moving forward, he still remembers that incident.

The chorus reveals more about how close the narrator was to the one who betrayed him. He additionally represents love here as weak because it was easy for him to trade that for a mere guarantee of a luxurious life.

Avicii wanted to use this song to bring to the public’s attention how some children are lured into certain dangerous situations just because their families are promised something better.

“For a Better Day” Facts

  • Key Artist: Avicii
  • Supporting Artist: Alex Ebert
  • Writing: Ebert alongside Avicii
  • Production: Avicii
  • Release: August, 2015


This song has been covered by lots of artistes, including Sara Farell in 2015

Was “For a Better Day”released as a single?

Yes. The song was part of the singer’s 2015 studio album entitled “Stories”. It was the second of four singles that were released to support the album.

Other singles from “Stories”

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