“Peace of Mind” by Avicii (ft. Vargas & Lagola

To be perfectly honest, the general public is perhaps more interested in dissecting the exact mental state behind Tim than any other album thus far released in 2019. That is because its artist, Avicii, was by all accounts a naturally-talented star when he unexpectedly committed suicide, at the age tender of 28, on 20 April 2018. And on top of Tim being the first of what is likely to be more posthumous albums from him, some of the songs featured deal specifically with concepts such as life, stress and depression. Actually the latter two reportedly contributed to Avicii sadly making that irreversible decision of taking his life.

And “Peace of Mind” is one track in particular that deals with stress. And it is somewhat-simple to follow lyrically. The singer is under pressure by “society”, which is “moving way too fast for him”. Thus he desires “peace of mind”, with the perceived products of realizing this state being “relief” and ‘freedom’. Of note though is that while he definitively identified the remedies to his anxiety, he seems to have no practical knowledge of how to go about achieving them.

What the song’s writers said about it

Co-writer Vincent Pontare (Vargas) shed further light on the track’s meaning by pointing out the aspect of society which the singer is specifically seeking a break from is the internet, as in always being online and connected to others. But generally speaking, as Salem Al Fakir (Lagola) explains, it is the incessantly-fast pace at which the world at large is moving that has the singer uptight. And what this basically boils down to is him needing a break from, succinctly put, modernity.

So in summation, the titular “Peace of Mind” is actually a mental state which the singer is striving toward, due to being stressed out by society. And this song, in a roundabout way, is an expression of that desire.

Lyrics of "Peace of Mind"

Facts about “Peace of Mind”

  • “Peace of Mind” was written and produced by Vincent Pontare (Vargas), Salem Al Fakir (Lagola) and Avicii.
  • Al Fakir implies that Avicii was mentally-sound when the track was composed.
  • The composition of this song was partially inspired by the sound of the rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • The release date of “Peace of Mind” was on 6 June 2019. It came out as part of Avicii’s first posthumous album, Tim.
  • Vargas has stated that for a “long, long period” after Avicii’s death he could not listen to this and other collaborations they had done without crying.

Does “Peace of Mind” mark Vargas & Lagola’s first collaboration with Avicii?

No. Vargas & Lagola collaborated with Avicii in 2017 on a track entitled “Friend of Mine”. Furthermore, they also individually share songwriting credits with him on “Hey Brother” (2013) and “Without You” (2017). Avicii also featured Lagola on the 2012 track “Silhouettes”. And both Vargas & Lagola teamed up with him on two other songs which are a part of a Tim. These songs are: “Excuse Me Mr Sir” and “Tough Love”.

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