“B.S.” by Jhené Aiko (ft. H.E.R.)

Basically speaking, the term ‘back on my BS’, upon which this song is based, means that a person is just doing their own thing, despite the fact that others may not agree with their actions. Or perhaps a simpler way of understanding the expression, as is illustrated in the last chorus for instance, is as an individual acting rude. And  what is prompting Jhené Aiko to adopt such a disposition is the fact that she has a “whack” boyfriend. Indeed the way her verse reads he is unappreciative, on top of the fact that she only really hooked up with him for physical reasons. 

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Meanwhile H.E.R. presents her guy as someone who is unfaithful, in addition to displaying characteristics that she does not approve of. And truthfully speaking the singer herself isn’t overly committed to him, as she is even on the verge of dating his roommate. 

So basically, the vocalists on this song are displaying brash behavior. They’re going around, acting the fool like they’re teenagers again and dissing their ex-boyfriends throughout, throwing it in their faces that they’re having such a good time. Indeed it was apparently said boyfriends who, due to their unstable ways, exacerbated this characteristic in them.

Lyrics of "B.S."

Writing Credits

“B.S.” was produced by The Fisticuffs. And the musical duo (Brian Warfiled and Mac Robinson) also contributed to the writing of the song.

The other co-writers are H.E.R., Jhené Aiko and Jhené’s ex, Big Sean.

Release Date of “B.S.”

This track is a product of Def Jam Records. And it was released as part of Jhené Aiko’s album “Chilombo” on 6 March 2020.

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