“Surrender” by Jhené Aiko (ft. Dr. Chill)

Whom Jhené Aiko is addressing in her song “Surrender” is a romantic interest. And for the most part, what she is telling this individual is to “surrender” to her love. Indeed at points the lyrics read as if this person is playing hard to get. However, it is someone whom the singer apparently has strong feelings for, so she is not letting up easily. And in the course of advertising herself if you will, she also points out that she is a “boss b”.  Within the context of the song, that means that she is superior to other female rivals. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Dr. Chill's Surrender at Lyrics.org.

And one of the reasons she is empowered to make such an assertion is because she “writes all (her)” songs, which alludes to Jhené being one of those types of singers who actually pens her own music and thus has more control over her “publishing”. So to some degree, her boasting like this would at least be indirectly aimed at some other female musicians. Or let’s just say that this track, which is meant to be romantic in nature, at times goes off on tangents. 

For instance, in the outro Dr. Chill, whom we can define as a metaphysicist, brings up “spirituality” and the such, which is sort of subtheme that runs throughout Jhené’s album “Chilombo”. But again, “Surrender” does primarily read as a love song, one which spends more time being addressed to the object of the singer’s affections than anything else. So at the end of the day, we can say this is primarily a love song mixed with a bit of braggadocio. Or stated otherwise the singer, who is really feeling herself, can’t understand why the apple of her eye seems to be dodging her.

Facts about “Surrender”

Jhené Aiko did in fact write this song, along with Dr. Chill, Brian Warfield and Mac Robinson.

The latter two artists, whom together are known as The Fisticuffs, also produced “Surrender”. The pair also produced her hit single “None of Your Concern“.

Jhené actually dropped a couple of tracks with Dr. Chill in the past. And they’re both featured on her second-solo album, 2017’s “Trip”.

“Surrender” was officially released, via Def Jam Records, as part of “Chilombo” on 6 March 2020. “Chilombo” is the title of Jhené’s third-solo album.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    She’s talking about her self love. The process of loving herself and surrendering

  2. la'Keja says:

    absolutely obsessed with her and the vibes of this song.. as she writes it all about being divinely conscious aka the “crown chakra” .. I can tell she put her soul into this whole album… never knew someone could be so aware..

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