“Party for Me” by Jhené Aiko (ft. Ty Dolla Sign)

In this song, Jhené Aiko is actually telling the addressee to ‘party for her’.  And the reason she is making such an assertion is because the premise upon which this track’s theme is built is she passing away. Thus she gives some specific details concerning how she wants her life to be celebrated by her loved ones in the event of such. For instance, she states that at her memorial party there should be “blue cups only”. This is actually an allusion to her affiliation with the Crips’ street gang, whose official color is blue. It also serves as an indirect shoutout to the late Nipsey Hussle – likewise a member of the Crips – which is something we will explore later in the trivia section. 

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And beyond delineating party instructions, additionally Aiko gives us insight to how she imagines her afterlife to be. For instance, she states she will be “chillin’ with Miyagi”, with Miyagi being her elder brother who passed away in 2012. 

Ty Dolla $ign

Then when envisioning his own memorial, Ty Dolla $ign instead references ‘red cups’. That points to the fact that, unlike Aiko, he is actually a member of another popular street gang called the Bloods, whose official color is red.  And after indeed dropping some gang-like lyrics, he concludes his verse by stating his intent to stay alive, in addition to engaging in a bit of braggadocio. 

He also flips the primary message of the tune. In other words, Ty is telling the addressee to ‘party hard while he’s still here’. But throughout most of the song, what the lyrics are based on is Jhené likewise telling the addressee to “party hard”, though in that scenario in case she prematurely pass away. So generally speaking, this is a track in which the songstress acknowledges her own mortality. And it is also very much possible that it was written in direct response to the shocking murder of Nipsey Hussle in March of 2019.

“Party for Me” Facts

“Party for Me” was written by Jhené Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign and the track’s producer, Lejkeys.

Def Jam Records officially released this tune on 6 March 2020. This is one of the tracks on Aiko’s 2020 album “Chilombo”.

The actual debut of this song dates back 2019. Jhené performed it on 11 April 2019 at the memorial for slain rapper Nipsey Hussle (1985-2019). She performed it again at the Something in the Water Festival 2019, on the date of 28 August 2019. This performance was once again in memory of Nipsey. In fact “Party for Me” is considered to be a song which is meant to honor the late rapper.

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