“LOVE” by Jhené Aiko

This is a song in which Jhené Aiko is embracing “love”. And such a devotion manifests itself in different ways. For instance, she is able to perceive the general beauty of life. She is also optimistic that she will rightfully fulfill her destiny. Moreover, as alluded to earlier, she actively seeks out “joy” at times when she’s feeling depressed. And the fourth verse of the song is centered on such an idea. In other words, Jhené can go about living her life negatively and ‘bothered’ is she so chooses. But instead she is “praying often”, ‘putting her faith in God’ and is “dedicated and devoted” to be more love-centered than vice versa. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Jhené Aiko's LOVE at Lyrics.org.

So generally speaking this is Aiko’s ode to love, not a specific type of it but just being a lovely person in general. But once again, being so necessitates her making a vow to see the beauty in life as well as exemplify it.

Facts about “Love”

“Love” is the 13th song on the playlist of Jhené’s “Chilombo” album.

The songstress wrote this tune along with its producers, Lejkeys and The Fisticuffs (M. Robinson and B. Warfield).

The label behind this track, as well as the entire “Chilombo” album, is Def Jam Records.

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