“Pray for You” by Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko’s “Pray for You” reads as if its addressee would most logically be a romantic interest whom the singer is currently breaking up with. And in the midst of such, she is ‘praying for’ this individual. That’s another way of saying that she is wishing him the best in his future endeavors. And she is imparting such well wishes specifically in terms of his personal development and love life. 

And in doing so, it is clear that she is dropping some subliminal insults. For instance, in the second verse she clearly insinuates that he is lacking in self-confidence. She also alludes to the notion that the reason the two of them are breaking up is because he was not satisfied with her love. Indeed some lingering feelings of discontent are to be expected in such a situation. In fact the first line of the pre-chorus acknowledges that her being genuinely concerned for his future under these circumstances is indeed unorthodox.  But that being said, the singer is not only wishing but also is actively praying for the well-being of her ex.

Writing Credits

Jhené Aiko wrote this song along the track’s producer, Lejkeys, who is a fellow musician from L.A.

Release Date of “Pray for You”

“Pray for You” came out on 6 March 2020, via Def Jam Records, as part of Jhené Aiko’s third solo album, “Chilombo”. And it is the 17th song on the album’s playlist.

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