“Magic Hour” by Jhené Aiko

In the verse and outro of “Magic Hour” especially, Jhené Aiko is addressing a specific individual whom she obviously has some type of close association with. Moreover, considering that she states this person ‘swept her off her feet’ perhaps it is romantic in nature, as that idiom is typically used in reference to romance. But overall this song is very-metaphorical and its approach, and what exactly is going down between the two of them is not abundantly clear. However. it is made evident in the outro that the singer idealizes their relationship as one which is mutually-edifying. 

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And overall, the term “the magic hour” refers to a point in time where some “miracle” transpires. And the way the song reads, said miracle has something to do with their relationship, again in regards to the two of them sharing a special purpose in each other’s life. But generally speaking, the “magic hour” is a time in which the singer’s spirit is uplifted, and she is able to perceive beauty in everything.

So like many tracks by Aiko, the lyrics of this one read as if they are a bit metaphysical in nature. And also as is one of her recurrent themes, she is looking forward to a moment where her spirit is uplifted.

Lyrics of "Magic Hour"

“Magic Hour” Facts

This song came out on 6 March 2020 as part of Jhené Aiko’s album “Chilombo”. The label behind the project is Def Jam Records.

Lejkeys, who worked on many of the tracks on the album, produced “Magic Hour” in addition to co-writing it. And the other writer is Jhené herself.

And in terms of the personal importance of this song to her, Jhené actually named her 2020 tour The Magic Hour Tour.

Did Aiko release this as a single from “Chilombo”?

No, she did not. Her “Chilombo” album of 2020 was supported by the following singles:

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