“Break It Kind of Guy” by Eric Church

It would seem that the term “break it kind of guy” means that the character at hand is a rebellious and indeed violent individual who doesn’t play by anybody’s rules. And each of the three verses of this song represents a different storyline he uses to prove this point.

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Verse 1

The first features the vocalist “feeling dangerous” upon waking up. So in addition to loading his gun, he gets boozed in the early morning. And then with this type of attitude in tow, he goes to confront his “boss’s son”, basically to express his displeasure at his father’s “routine”. 

Then he apparently quits the job, “betting” on himself and his rowdy ways to make a living as opposed to relying on more traditional – and legal – employment.

Verse 2

Then the second verse centers on his intent to wreak havoc. It is here that we can really see that besides being a troubled individual, the singer apparently revels in violence. Or simply put, he’s a bada*s who is actually looking forward to going around and causing trouble.

Verse 3

Next, the third verse has him addressing a romantic interest. The way the lyrics read are as if they’ve been making out for a while, and perhaps now she wants to go all the way or take their relationship to another level. 

But he is advising her beforehand that doing so wouldn’t be the best idea from her standpoint.  And that is because, in being frank with her, he expresses that has no intentions of actually being in a committed relationship. 

And the fact that he lives such a lifestyle, going around without committing to any woman, is meant to be further indicative of his badas*ery or general lack of concern for others.

What “Break It Kind of Guy” is all about

So again, in this song the “break it kind of guy” is letting us know exactly how he gets down. He is not keen on taking instruction from anyone. He does whatever it is he wants to do and goes wherever he desires. 

And even where everything is cool, he’ll spaz out “break” things himself. That’s just the way he is. And underneath all of this allegorical language, what we have is basically a song centered on a character akin to a gangsta.

Lyrics to "Break It Kind of Guy"
Eric Church talks about "Break It Kind of Guy"

Eric Church is a “break it kind guy”. What he means by that is that he is an unconventional type of person who greatly dislikes authority and loves creating chaos.


There are three names attributed to the writing of “Break It Kind of Guy”. They are:

  • Eric Church
  • Award-winning Country music songwriter, and the son of former National Football League (NFL) manager, Casey Beathard.
  • American songwriter Luke Dick

Release Date of “Break It Kind of Guy”

This 3 minute, 45 second long song falls was made available to the public on 23rd April, 2021. The song belongs to the album “Heart & Soul”, which produced two singles.

The aforementioned singles are:

Noted record producer and musician Jay Joyce produced the entire album.

Heart & Soul

Eric Church’s seventh album, “Heart & Soul” was produced by John Joseph Joyce (Jay Joyce) after being recorded between the years 2020 and 2021. The album comes in three parts, ‘Heart’, ‘&’ and ‘Soul’ with each containing 9, 6, and 9 tracks respectively.

Though most of the songs on the album were composed by Eric, it took a group of individual talents to put each one together. Aside from the lyricists that aided in writing the song lyrics, the country singer-songwriter utilized a huge team of vocalists, guitarists, drummers, and programmers in creating a memorable music experience.

Jay Joyce not only produced the album but also played the acoustic guitar, tambourine, aided as an additional vocalist and as a drummer for the single “People Break”. Jeff Hyde, Casey Beathard, Luke Laird, Jeffrey Steele, Michael P. Heeney, Ryan Tyndell and Jeremy Spillman served as contributing writers to a number of the tracks.

Following its release, the album peaked in the top 10 on the UK Country Albums chart and the US Billboard 200 charts. It also achieved the same feat on the US Top Country Albums chart.

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