“Bada*s Woman” by Meghan Trainor

In this track, Meghan Trainor classifies herself as “a bada*s woman”.  And she breaks down some of the characteristics which make her so.  For instance, she claims that she is “the boss”, meaning that she’s “the one in charge”. So it would behoove others not to “underestimate” her. Meghan also is not the apologetic type when it comes to speaking her “mind”. Moreover she is not compelled to conform her body type into one a particular type of man may like.

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And in the choruses, she brings to light even more of her badassery. It is here where she states that she is not only “smarter” than perceived but also “stronger” than she had been previously. Indeed Trainor considers herself “a force of nature”, one which cannot be ‘ignored’ nor ‘held back’. And this all boils down to her being “a bada*s woman”, as in one who is fearless in expressing herself in addition to being formidable. And it is not due to any conscientious effort that she is this way. Rather she was “just made like that” and is proud of who she is.

And of course these qualities are not meant to apply to Trainor only. Rather this track serves as an anthem for all “bada*s” women who are not privy to play the subservient, inferior role to anyone.

Facts about “Bada*s Woman”

This jam was released on 10 May 2019. It is featured on the soundtrack of the 2019 movie The Hustle. The Hustle is a comedy film that stars the likes of Rebel Wilson Dean Norris and Anne Hathaway.

Trainor not only sings “Bada*s Woman” but also wrote the track and co-produced it alongside with Andrew Wells.

Does Meghan Trainor star in The Hustle?

No, she doesn’t make any appearance whatsoever in the film.

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