“Bang” by Conway the Machine (ft. Eminem)

Conway the Machine and Eminem’s “Bang” serves as somewhat of a beef track, if you will. Indeed its title, “Bang”, is derived from the chorus in which Conway the Machine references “pull(ing) up” on his enemies and “let(tin) it bang”. This actually alludes to initiating violence, i.e. shooting a gun (such as how the word “bang” is used in the first verse). Indeed a good portion of Conway’s verse is dedicated to violence. However, its main theme is perhaps the rapper’s overall hustling lifestyle, which includes selling illicit substances.

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 Meanwhile this song made headlines due more to the fact that it features Eminem (who namedrops celebrities he has tiffs with). This includes specifically “Canibus”, “Ja Rule” and “Charlemagne tha God”.  He also disses “Iggy” Azalea pretty hard, using an unprintable word to refer to her. Furthermore, to a certain degree he insinuates that Nicki Minaj is a less than virtuous woman.Additionally he mentions other rappers, such as “Nas”, “Biggie” Smalls, Tupac and “Meek” Mill, though in a positive light. 

So overall, while the main theme of Eminem’s verse may be his toughness (as a rapper), he goes about illustrating that point by calling out a whole bunch of famous people in the process.

Lyrics of "Bang"

At the end of the day, this track may go down in the record books as a memorable one. However, it is not likely to be for serving as the first collaboration between Conway and Eminem. Rather it will remembered as the song where Eminem reignited feuds with a couple of relatively-obsolete rappers, Canibus and Ja Rule. Moreover he seems intent on getting Iggy Azalea to speak out, as in counterattack him, since he already brought her name up in a couple of other songs. But perhaps most importantly, it would appear that Em may be attempting to initiate beef with Nicki Minaj, who is a more-respected rapper than any of the aforementioned.

Release Date of “Bang”

“Bang” as the lead single from Conway’s  second-studio album, which goes by the title God Don’t Make Mistakes. The release was made possible by the following labels:

  • Universal Music Group
  • Interscope Records
  • Shady Records

 FYI, 19 July, 2019 was the track’s formal release date.

First Eminem and Conway Collaboration

This track is the first official collaboration between Conway the Machine and Eminem, who actually became his label boss in 2017 through a deal Griselda Records (owned by Conway’s brother, W$G) signed with Em’s Shady Records.

That being said, Eminem did provide the intro to Conway and Westside Gunn’s 2017 track “Machine Gun Black”. However, he was not credited as an official feature.

Writing and Production of “Bang”

Beat Butcha worked with Daringer to produce this track. And it’s important to mention that Daringer has worked extensively with Conway the Machine in the past.

The producers also co-wrote the song along with Eminem , Luis Resto and Conway the Machine.

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