“Beach House” by The Chainsmokers

“Beach House” is the title of a song by American DJ and production duo. The lyrics of the song center on the theme of love. Throughout the song, the narrator (Andrew Taggart) yearns so desperately for a darling of his who is so far away from me. He misses his darling so much and wishes for nothing more than being in her loving arms.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for The Chainsmokers's Beach House at Lyrics.org.

Beach House lyrics

Where does the title “Beach House” come from?

The lyrics of this tune might center on the theme of love. However, the song itself was inspired by the iconic Baltimore-based dream pop duo Beach House. Owing to this, the Chainsmokers decided to name the song after the duo.

In a Twitter post, the Chainsmokers threw more light on this song. According to the duo, they tried getting back to their roots on the song. And in doing so, they listened to an awful lot of music from Beach House.

The Chainsmokers on "Beach House"


Facts about “Beach House”

  • Many mistake the song’s title to be “Darling of Mine” because of how frequently the phrase is used in the lyrics. The phrase in question is mentioned a dozen times in the song.
  • The song’s title “Beach House” appears only once in the entire lyrics. It can be found in the song’s first verse.
  • Music producer,Jeremiah Davis, directed and edited the official music video for “Beach House”. The clip was released on the same day (11/16/2018) the track itself was dropped.
  • Despite being an already popular duo, Beach House’s popularity grew with the release of this song.

Has the musical duo Beach House responded to this track?

As of November 18, 2018, they haven’t. However, it is highly likely they would.

On which album does “Beach House” appear?

It will appear on The Chainsmokers’ upcoming second studio album. The album’s release date as well as title are currently not in the public’s domain.


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