“Riptide” by The Chainsmokers

“Riptide” is what we would consider a love song, albeit one that takes a somewhat indirect approach to getting its point across. Usually when dealing with such pieces, what we are met with is a vocalist extolling the virtues of his romantic interest. But in this case, things are slightly different. This is because ample lyrics are instead dedicated to Drew Taggart alluding to ways in which his relationship with the addressee is a troubled one. For instance, he depicts her as someone who only tends to appreciate him when she has no one else to hang out with.

But as utilized in the second verse, what the title is meant to point to is Drew’s resolve to initiate a new, shall we say more-loving era in the addressee’s life. And judging by the female vocalist’s terse participation in this song, she feels the same way. Put simply, she is also dedicated to making this romance work despite challenges involved. Or put more simply, as relayed, the two parties “only” have eyes for each other.

Lyrics of The Chainsmokers' "Riptide"

When was “Riptide” released?

This track was released on 22 April 2022, being the fourth single from “So Far So Good” – a Chainsmokers’ studio album. This is a project that is brought to us by Disruptor Records and Columbia Records. These labels have been responsible for all of The Chainsmokers’ albums thus far.


The Chainsmokers are actually a couple of DJs/producers in Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. As such, they often enlist external vocalists to participate on their singles. However, Riptide marks one of the occasions in which Taggart himself holds down said responsibility.

The Chainsmokers produced this track with Whethan and Ian Kirkpatrick. All four of those individuals (i.e. Whethan, Kirkpatrick, Taggart and Pall) are also credited with writing “Riptide” alongside Emily Warren and Chris Martin.

Emily Warren is a singer in her own right. She is actually a regular collaborator of The Chainsmokers (and the backup vocalist on this song). 

Some readers will of course recognize Chris Martin as being the lead singer of Coldplay, one of the biggest British musical acts of the early 21st century. For the record, The Chainsmokers themselves come from New York City.

To note, Chris also co-wrote “Something Just Like This“, a 2017 collaboration between The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. Said track proved to be a super-major hit, as it came out at a time in which both acts were more or less in their heyday.


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