Meaning of “Kills You Slowly” by The Chainsmokers

As of late the Chainsmokers have been releasing singles based on dysfunctional relationships. Prior to this, it was “Who Do You Love”, which is based on an unfaithful lover. In contrast, the lovers in this current song may indeed be faithful, but that same level of commitment is what is killing them slowly.

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In other words, the couple “Kills You Slowly” is based on are fine to the discerning eye. When they’re out with friends or visiting parents, they appear more or less as your average loving pair. However, inwardly they hate each other’s guts. In fact, they dislike each other so much that being in constant close proximity of one another is slowly but surely draining their life forces.

The genesis of this problem is not explained. However, some of the ways it is manifest is for instance the woman can intentionally spoil a pair of her own shoes which she knows are the guy’s favorites. The guy also seems to have somewhat of a lackadaisical, sarcastic attitude towards pleasing her. And they seem to bitterly argue constantly – that is until they get in public, where once again they put on the façade of a happy couple.

Ultimately these lovers hope that the ill between them will come to end. However, as of now there is no indication that it ever will. Yet in “Kills You Slowly”, the Chainsmokers are more or less telling this couple that they should continue to “hold on” to their relationship despite its overall negative effect.

Lyrics of "Kills You Slowly"

Facts about “Kills You Slowly”

  • “Kills You Slowly” was written by the Chainsmokers (Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart) alongside at least six other songwriters. These writers include: Gino The Ghost, Parrish Warrington, Liam O’Donnell, Diederik van Elsas, Krystin Watkins and MAX Nathaniel Motte.
  • The song was produced by the collaborative effort of the members of Chainsmokers band together with a producer named Trackside.
  • released through the following record labels: Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment Australia, and Disruptor Records.
  • The lead singer for this track is Andrew Taggart, with background singing provided by Rook Monroe.  

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