“Silly Watch” by Lil Uzi Vert

The title of this song (“Silly Watch”) ultimately refers to Lil Uzi Vert’s wealth.  For he lets it be known in the chorus that he “got a Richard Mille”, i.e. a very-expensive, luxury timepiece, as opposed to “a silly watch”, i.e. one that is inexpensive and worthless in his eyes. And with that being established, as is the norm his impressive wealth is one of the main themes of this track. 

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Said riches also empowers him to be somewhat of a super playa, i.e. someone who can pick up girls, even those belonging to other guys, at will. He also makes quite a few allusions to his propensity to initiate gun violence.  Moreover, as with the track “Baby Pluto” which is also featured on his “Eternal Atake” album, Uzi Vert expresses a particular disdain for informers. Informers are street dudes who cooperate with the police!

So whereas Uzi Vert maintains his standing as one of the most-exceptional lyricists in the game, at the end of the day “Silly Watch” isn’t breaking any new ground. That is to say that the song itself is centered on the established mainstream hip-hop themes of violence, women and of course money!

Facts about “Silly Watch”

A snippet of this song had been circulating on the internet, prior to its official release, under the name “40 Glock”. And apparently it has been online since mid-2017.

Generation Now in association with Atlantic Records released “Silly Watch” on 6 March 2020. It is the third song on the playlist of Uzi’s “Eternal Atake” album.

Uzi is the sole writer of “Silly Watch”. And Supah Mario served as the track’s producer.

In the chorus Uzi references a dance called the Milly Rock in a way that is not necessarily favorable. Some have interpreted this as perhaps being a diss against his former homey Playboi Carti, since in one of Carti’s songs he big ups the dance. However, Uzi Vert has asserted that even though he and Playboi are not as close as they used to be, he did not mean this as a shot against his peer.

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