“Beggin’” by Måneskin

Måneskin’s “Beggin’” features the vocalist “begging” the addressee to “put (her) loving hand out”. In other words, he is entreating her to willfully receive his love. And whereas this song does rely quite a bit on openly-interpretable metaphors, the first verse does seem to indicate that at one point they were together. But the vocalist, in his cockiness, let her go. And as implied, he now woefully regrets making that decision.

Indeed in the third verse he gets philosophical, seemingly questioning the human tendency to not appreciate “good sh-t” when we have it.  But in that particular passage, he also seems to be putting forth that it is actually the addressee who is missing out by not accepting his love.  So again, it’s not exactly clear what’s going down here, besides the singer clearly wanting the person whom he is singing to.  That is to say that at one point in the song, he comes off as being a dude who messed up the relationships with his significant other.  But at others, he reads more like a genuine victim of unreciprocated love.  Perhaps presenting himself as the latter is his way to try to evoke sympathy from the apple of his eye.

But regardless as to the reason why she doesn’t want him at the moment, that fact still remains that she is indeed snubbing him, at least as far as being his lover is concerned. So by the looks of things, the vocalist will continue to ‘beg’ the addressee to be his lady until she finally gives in.

Lyrics of "Beggin'"

Who wrote “Beggin'”?

This song was written by Peggy Santiglia and Bob Gaudio. The latter was a member of a group known as The Four Seasons. The Four Seasons were the first musicians to drop a version of “Beggin’” back in 1967. And their rendition did manage to make it onto the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Måneskin’s Version

A couple of other artists have covered it to even greater overall success. One is a Norwegian group called Madcon, whose edition came out in 2007. 

And then there is Måneskin, who dropped their cover in 2017. They featured it on X Factor Italia, with the quartet being contestants on the popular reality competition at the time. Ultimately they came in second place, but they proved popular enough to release an EP that same year entitled Chosen. And said EP features a number of songs they covered while participating on X Factor Italia, including Beggin’.

Success of Måneskin’s “Beggin'”

This particular tune went on to be certified gold in Måneskin’s homeland of Italy, even though it didn’t perform that impressively there chart-wise. However, the song did reach number one in a handful of other countries, including Germany. And even more impressive is its overall global performance, having charted in over two dozen nations in total.

Amongst those accomplishments was appearing on the UK Singles Chart, where “Beggin’” peaked at number seven. And it also made an appearance stateside on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs listing.

Concerning the bulk of that aforementioned chart and success, outside of Italy the most of it actually transpired in mid-2021. And that was as a result of the newfound popularity Måneskin had gained after participating in that year’s Eurovision Song Contest, where they came in first place. 

In fact concerning the UK Singles Chart this and another one of their tunes, “I Wanna Be Your Slave”, were in the top 10 at the same time. And in doing so, Måneskin became the first musical act from Italy, as well as the first act from Eurovision to have two top 10 songs on the UK Singles Chart simultaneously. And overall they have been one of the more successful bands on the UK Singles Chart during the middle part of 2021.


As implied by their aforenoted participation on X Factor, Måneskin is a relatively-new group, having just been around since 2016. Their membership consists of frontman Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio. 

The group’s hometown is in fact Rome, the famous historically capital of Italy. And somewhere along the line they were signed by Sony Music Italy, who officially released their version of “Beggin’” on 8 December 2017.

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This song is written to the Lord. Not a girl.

  2. Jimin's abs says:

    Tf u saying, ofc it’s written for a girl. Why would he be singing ‘put ur loving hand out baby’ to the Lord

  3. DeSl says:

    This song very clearly seems to be written from a cheaters perspective. The person doing the cheating is begging her to continue to do the song and dance of there push and pull relationship. Pretty much all the lyrics fit the contrived mentality of a chronic cheater who wants to continue with the ‘safe’ relationship despite his indiscretions.

    Even parts that seemingly criticize her fits because that’s ‘what a cheater does- blames the other. He’s banking on her, ‘loving hands’ continuing to be around to accept him back when he begs to stay.

    “I need you to understand, tried so hard to be your man.” – a cheater who is trying to play the part to be what she needs to keep the relationship superficially solid, “the kind of man you want in the end, only then can I begin to live again.” He’s trying to be the ideal man she needs, either to placate her or out of guilt… or both. The following line is most telling because only once she’s convinced he is the ideal man (the trust is won back) can he begin to live again- euphemistic for going back to his ‘thrilling’ cheating lifestyle.

  4. Eric from London says:

    please theres no bloody way its written to the Lord, have you lost your sodding mind

  5. Sunflower Giraffe says:

    My interpretation is that he walked away once, and he will only begin to live again (ie, enjoy life, feel alive) if she takes him back. I get no cheating vibe.

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