“MAMMAMIA” by Måneskin

The term “mammamia” or “mamma mia”, as it is more commonly spelled, is an exclamation that originated in Italy, i.e. Måneskin’s homeland. And the reason why the band is compelled to resort to such language is because they only blew up on an international level quite recently. So accordingly, the group now has to deal with all of the gossip and other BS that comes along with being mega famous.

But even beyond that, as you can probably tell just by looking at them, Måneskin is not necessarily what we would define as a mainstream act image-wise. Moreover, they decided to embrace rock music in a country where it isn’t really that popular. Even prior to their Eurovision success, the band knew how it felt to have to contend with people who didn’t approve of their image, felt they should change their style, etc. 

Or speaking more frankly, they are experienced in dealing with persecution, discouragement and having bad things said about them. And it is such an idea upon which the first verse of this song is based. To some extent, the second also centers on the aforementioned idea.

But this piece possesses a notable sexual undertone also, even one that is potentially off-putting with the references to being spat upon and all. But ultimately, the grand purpose of this song is to espouse individual and artistic freedom even if certain segments, such as bridge for example, don’t particularly read as such. 

In Conclusion

This is apparently one of those kinds of tracks in which apparently the singer is trying to get his point across by rather stating the opposite. So even though herein Damiano David and co. express a willingness to subjugate themselves to the addressee’s whims, based on their actual explanation of “Mammamia”, we know that they are rather supporting individual freedoms.

Maneskin's "MAMMAMIA" Lyrics


Måneskin, a band from Rome, is a musical entity we have been covering a bit frequently as of late. This is not only due to the fact that, being extant since 2015, they became internationally renowned in 2021. This was after they won the Eurovision Song Contest. But they also buttressed that success by dropping a couple of hit singles, “Zitti e Buoni” and “I Wanna Be Your Slave“, this year also. 

Therefore “Mammamia”, which Sony Music issued on 8 October, marks their third single of 2021. And by the looks of things, it is a standalone effort. It is actually the first track they dropped since their second studio album, “Teatro d’ira: Vol. I” (2021).

Måneskin is a quartet consisting of the following:

  • Damiano David
  • Victoria de Angelis
  • Thomas Raggi
  • Ethan Torchio

“Mammamia” Credits

All four members of Måneskin are credited, individually, as the writers of “Mammamia”. According to David, they wrote this song within a matter of hours. And the band also, as a unit, co-produced this track. They did so alongside Fabrizio Ferraguzzo.

Damiano talks about "MAMMAMIA"

Notable Live Performance

The first time Måneskin performed this song live was at a concert they held on the date of 7 October 2021. You can watch the said performance below. It took place in the German city of Berlin.

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