Meaning of “Torna a casa” by Måneskin

“Torna a casa” by Måneskin revolves around the narrator expressing deep longing and desperation for a person named Marlena, who has significantly impacted his life, helping him through rough times and personal growth.

Throughout the song, there is a constant plea for Marlena to return home, emphasized by the repetition of the chorus and the expression of fear of disappearing, possibly symbolizing a loss of self without her. The narrative details a transformative journey that is a mix of adventure and confrontation of one’s inner demons, presenting a raw exploration of vulnerability, personal transformation, and the profound impact of love and companionship.

Journey of Transformation

In verse 1, the narrator is describing a time of great personal turmoil, feeling lost and surrounded by negativity. Despite this, there’s a strong female figure helping him, someone who is fearless and brave. They are undertaking a journey together, which seems somewhat adventurous and rebellious. They dare to dream, likening their experience to Alice in Wonderland’s surreal adventures. The narrator wishes for a prolonged time with her, revealing his fear that life won’t be perfect without her.

Pleading Chorus of “Torna a casa”

The chorus reveals the deep longing the narrator feels for Marlena, who seems to have left. He urges her to come back home, emphasizing the cold and his growing fear of disappearing, which could symbolize fear of losing himself or dying. The repetitive call accentuates his desperate need for her return, highlighting how essential she is in his life.

Fight and Redemption

In the second verse, the narrator portrays a realization and a kind of awakening where he is willing to confront all adversities for personal growth and forgiveness. There is a strong determination to reach unattainable heights and to be forgiven for past faults. The acknowledgment that “even angels sometimes fear death” suggests a universal vulnerability and fear of ending. The “storm” he refers to at the end of the verse represents a force of change, perhaps a newfound strength to face the world head-on.

Ritornello: Desperate Call

The ritornello echoes the chorus, emphasizing the narrator’s intense desire for Marlena to return. The phrase “it’s starting to be cold here” could symbolize loneliness and despair. The repetition underlines the urgency and desperation in his voice.

Personal Evolution

In the third verse, the narrator reflects on his past self, acknowledging that he was “only a madman” before meeting Marlena. He credits her with his transformation, mentioning that he feels “blessed.” The verse hints at an anticipation of acceptance and respect from the city, or society, as they return transformed. He articulates a change from being judgmental to finding a ray of light that leads to freedom. Here, he is in a dilemma, unsure if the transformations are leading to “deaths or revivals.”

Conclusion: Fear of Losing Self

The song closes with the chorus and outro where the plea for Marlena’s return continues. The mention of “cold” and fear of “disappearing” returns, depicting a lingering fear of loneliness and losing oneself. The plea portrays a deep bond and reliance on Marlena for emotional warmth and safety. It shows the narrator’s vulnerability and his fear of regression if she doesn’t return.

“Quindi Marlena torna a casa
Che il freddo qua si fa sentire
Quindi Marlena torna a casa
Che non voglio più aspettare
Quindi Marlena torna a casa
Che il freddo qua si fa sentire
Quindi Marlena torna a casa
Che non voglio più…”

Release Date of “Torna a casa”

This is the second single released from the “Il ballo della vita” record, which marks the debut studio project of Italian band Måneskin. “Torna a casa” has an official release date of September 28 of 2018.


This song’s writing credit goes to Damiano David, who is a member of the group. Production was handled by the entire members of the band along with record producer Fabrizio Ferraguzzo.

Torna a casa

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