“Best Ones” by Brandy Clark

This song, which came out in May, 2023, is arguably the most-poetic song found on the playlist of Brandy’s “Brandy Clark” album. And what the vocalist seems to be getting at, in a roundabout way, is her best experiences being those she enjoys alongside her significant other. As implied, she is not able to spend quality time with him regularly. But when Brandy does, she considers those her “best” moments and memories, and the motif of the lyrics goes about differentiating those experiences from the mere “good” ones.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Brandy Clark's Best Ones at Lyrics.org.
“The best ones come right outta nowhere
And you’d give anything to go there one more time
The best ones they ain’t always the last ones
But you know it when you’ve had one, and you’re mine”

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