“All Over Again” by Brandy Clark

What the title of this song (“All Over Again”) points to, most comprehensively explained, is the vocalist’s inability to get over her significant other. That is to say that Brandy Clark admittedly ‘hates’ the addressee, and by the looks of things, this is someone she ‘swears off’ regularly. Or put otherwise, their relationship is a breakup-then-makeup type of affair. 

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And try as she might, history has proven that Brandy is powerless to completely cut the addressee off. So it’s as if, reading in between the lines, the vocalist has found herself in the unenviable position of being in love with a toxic partner.

“Oh, I hate you, hate you, hate you
A thousand times, and then
I fall in love all over”

When was “All Over Again” released?

Brandy Clark released “All Over Again” via Warner Records on 19th May, 2023. It appears as the 9th track on on the track list of “Brandy Clark” (which is the title of Brandy’s fourth studio album).

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