“Up Above The Clouds (Cecilia’s Song)” by Brandy Clark

It is not clear who the Cecelia of the subtitle is. But presumably that would be the addressee and furthermore a loved one of Brandy’s. And as implied, said addressee is depressed and more specifically suffering from a broken heart. So as far as the main title goes, it serves the purpose of Brandy reminding her that “there’s a blue sky up above the clouds”. Or put otherwise, after the rain comes the sunshine, if you will. Owing to this, Cecelia should not let her anguish get the best of her, as there are brighter days ahead.

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“When your blue eyes are cryin’
‘Cause love’s let you down
When a fool’s dream is dyin’
And the sunshine’s all run out
Remember there’s a blue sky
Up above the clouds”

Release Date of “Up Above the Clouds (Cecelia’s song)”

“Brandy Clark” is the title of Brandy’s fourth studio album. The album, which contains 11 songs, was released by Warner Records on 19th May, 2023. “Up Above the Clouds (Cecelia’s song)” is one of the songs on this album.

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