“Come Back To Me” by Brandy Clark

“Come Back To Me” finds Brandy Clark expressing her undying affection for her sweetheart. The latter appears as if there’s some things out in the world he needs to go out and experience on his own. And Brandy’s reaction is that by all means, he should do so.

In adopting such a stance, she understands that he may never return. Indeed, the man she loves may even go on to be smitten by someone else. But the vocalist also recognizes that things may not work out as he idealizes. And if that proves to be the case, she will be there to re-receive her honeybun.

“I wouldn’t want you to miss a thing
I wouldn’t wake you from any dream you’ve ever had
So go on and go unroll every map
If you gotta leave, you gotta know
I love you enough to let you go
If there’s greener grass
Hey I wanna hold you but I don’t wanna hold you back”


Brandy Clark’s “Come Back to Me” is the cover of a song Keith Urban originally dropped in 2013.

This track is from Clark’s self-titled studio album, being her fourth overall.

“Come Back to Me” was released through Warner Records as part of “Brandy Clark” on 19 May 2023.

Clark performed Come Back to Me on the 23 May 2023 edition of the New York-based TODAY show.

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