“Buried” by Brandy Clark

“Buried” is a song that Brandy Clark produced herself, and she co-wrote it with Jessie Jo Dillon. With a release date of 24 March 2023, “Buried” serves as the lead single from the former’s studio album which itself is titled “Brandy Clark”. And it is a product of Warner Records, whom Clark, who hails from Washington state, has been down with since the mid-2010s.

The Lyrics of “Buried”

This is an interesting piece in that it seemingly concludes with the vocalist telling the addressee that she will ‘love him ’til she’s buried’. What’s actually intriguing is that said addressee, based on the rest of the song, is actually being relayed to her ex. Furthermore, the chorus implies that it was he who did the dumping to begin with.

So the verses are basically indicative of Brandy’s desire to get over him by any means necessary. Such ambitions include the likes of the vocalist engaging in international travel, dating other dudes and even getting high. But ultimately, Brandy being compelled to take such strong measures are illustrative of her inability to get over the addressee.  Or as also relayed in the chorus, it’s more as if she wants to make him regret leaving her.

Indeed, as expressed in the outro, even after the vocalist proceeds to “meet somebody else” and possibly get married, she predicts that her love for the addressee will remain intact. 

“I’ll meet somebody else
Probably get married
I’ll keep it to myself
But I’ll love you ’til I’m buried”

So in a weird, indirect sort of way, this is actually a love song. But it isn’t such that we witness a singer gushing over the apple of her eye. By the looks of things, she has no actual reason to. But Brandy is still honest enough to reveal, in the final line of the lyrics, that even though their relationship has presumably ended for good, her ex will always have a special place in her heart.


The Desire to Move On

“I happen to find myself in a relationship that has lost its love and connection. However, through the messages of some songs including Clark’s ‘Buried’, I have been able to somehow develop the desire and willingness to move on with my life. I hope to find happiness outside of my current relationship.

The mention of ‘I’ll fly myself to France’, ‘first class New York to Paris’ and ‘get drunk on wine and dance’ in ‘Buried’ is a direct message to me. It hurts to find out that Jake no longer loves me, a situation I never thought I’d ever find myself in. Unfortunately, I have no other option than to focus on my own growth and fulfillment. I am not going to use drugs or alcohol as portions of the song suggest, rather I’ll listen to the rest of the album as a means to escape memories. I believe I will find someone else, but my love for him will remain.”

– Monica

Interesting Fact!

“Buried” was originally titled “If You Don’t Love Me Anymore”. And the changing of its name was apparently the result of the input of Brandi Carlile, who, reportedly served as executive producer of Brandy Clark.

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