“She Smoked In The House” by Brandy Clark

“She Smoke In The House” was released on 21 April 2023, apparently as a promotional single from Brandy Clark’s “Brandy Clark” album. The aforementioned album itself eventually came out on May 19th, through Warner Records, being Brandy’s fourth studio LP. 

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This particular song was both written and produced by the songstress, with the inspiration, as in the titular “she” being her late grandmother, Ruth.

Brandy described her grandmother as being her “favorite character to ever walk the planet”. Accordingly, the lyrics of this piece seemingly focus on different characteristics or mannerisms she possessed.  For instance as implied by the title, Ruth was apparently a heavy smoker and furthermore one of those types to save the butts in old coffee cans. 

She also appears to have been very frugal, such as shunning the credit system and “cut(ting) the mold off cantaloupe and cheese” instead of discarding them. She also seems to have been a farmer or at the very least a serious gardener, growing a variety of plants and vegetables.  And as for her personal preferences, Ruth liked “Ford over… Chevy” and “Pepsi over Coke”.

The reason Clark remembers the cigarettes especially is because, even though she personally dislikes them, the smoke grandma would generate is one of the things she misses about her the most. This harps back to the days Brandy lived with Ruth, constantly being subject to the latter’s smoking as well as the genre and artists grandma enjoyed on the radio, which are also given ample recognition in these lyrics.

“She was Ford over a Chevy
Pepsi over Coke
Country or western, Owens or Jones
That kitchen radio was playin’ loud”

A Personal Opinion

“She Smoked In The House” keeps me longing for my late grandfather. Although he wasn’t a smoker like the song is saying, it captures the essence of a grandparent’s unique habits and the memories associated with them. Brandy has tapped into the experience of missing a loved one.

The line “that kitchen radio was singin’ loud,” brings back vivid memories of those precious moments we spent together, with music playing in the background. It’s in those moments that the connection between generations gets solidified, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. As I reflect on the timing of the song’s release, I realize the significant overlap with my own personal journey. Born in November of 1984, the song holds an even deeper meaning for me because of its mention of that year.

Furthermore, discovering that it was officially released on the first anniversary of my grandfather’s passing, April 21, 2022, adds another layer of connection. It’s as if fate has intertwined the song’s release with my own personal journey of grief and remembrance. This realization has deepened my appreciation for the track, as I now understand that I share an even deeper connection with its message and themes. It serves as a reminder of the bond I have with my grandfather and the impact he had on my life.

“She Smoked In The House” is not an ordinary song; it’s one that represents a vessel for healing, reflection, and the celebration of cherished memories.

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