Billie Eilish’s “Wish You Were Gay” Lyrics Meaning

In “Wish You Were Gay”, American singer Billie Eilish is addressing a boy that she is in love with. However, the sentiment is not returned, as in he does not feel the same. In fact no matter how much she tries to please him, he just ignores her. However, despite his coldness, she can’t help but to fancy him. Indeed in the name of love, she just plays along as if everything is okay. But the truth is that she is addicted to this particular guy, and his lack of concern is greatly paining her.

Lyrics of Wish You Were Gay

Ultimately, Eilish searches for an explanation on why this guy does not reciprocate her love. She does so for the sake of not feeling inferior. She suggests that maybe she just isn’t his type. But a more-acceptable explanation seems to be that he’s gay. In other words, the fact that he is not attracted to her is due to his sexual orientation. And again, she is saying so to spare her own feelings, as the discomfort she is experiencing due to his lack of concern affects her on a daily basis.

Facts about “Wish You Were Gay”

  • Writer(s): “Wish You Were Gay” was written by Billie Eilish.
  • Producer(s): Eilish and her senior brother Finneas O’Connell worked together to produce this song. 
  • Album/EP: This is the sixth track on Billie Eilish’s debut album interestingly titled When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Other notable songs from this album include “Bury a Friend” and “When the Party’s Over
  • Song’s Date of Release: On March 4, 2019, Eilish’s label (Interscope Records) commercially dropped this tune.

11 Responses

  1. Ali as says:

    Thanks so much really great content which helped me a lot
    And I really appreciate that

  2. meh says:

    So shes just a big*t, awesome.

    • Smile4me says:

      Or she just wishes he wasn’t into her for a reason she has no control over. I think “I wish you were gay” is a lot catchier than “I wish you were only attracted to tall girls.” If he didn’t like short girls would that make him a “heightest”?

    • idontwannabemeanymore says:

      no…. she is in love with a boy who doesn’t love her back so shes trying to think of excuses/reasons instead of the truth

  3. Stars says:

    Thanks, helped a LOT. Was confused if this had an underlying meaning.

  4. *creative name* says:

    Billie said “I just kinda wish you were gay” to try and make herself feel better about him not liking her over a common thing to make the healing more easier to get through, some people think that was selfish of her, but she really liked this guy, and people act like they wouldn’t do the same to come of as better than her, or making her feel bad about what she said.

  5. billies babey says:

    in short, shes in love with a guy that doesnt feel the same so she wishes he was gay as an excuse for not liking her instead of the real reason he doesnt like her

  6. Billie eilish says:

    Hi I’m Billie eilish and I want you all to have a good day. Billie eilish

    • nonya bisness says:

      Why would Billie Eilish randomly put “Billie Eilish” at the end of a sentence? *minecraft villager ‘hurrr’ noise*

  7. no one says:

    Pretty much she wishes they weren’t interested in the first place cause it hurts to try and let go. and I think it turns out the guy ended up gay lol. She got what she wished for :/

  8. Billie Eilish says:

    Hi i’m Billie Eilish and I love y’all. Billie Eilish

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