“Blender” by 5 Seconds of Summer

The title of this song is derived from a line in the chorus where the vocalist likens his relationship with the addressee to being “in an emotional blender”. In other words, as implied this is a romance we’re dealing with here. And the nature of the union reads like a breakup-than-make-up type of scenario, i.e. the two of them doing things to really hurt each other, only to later get back together with extreme passion.

As revealed in the pre-chorus, the addressee is someone who the vocalist would “die for”. So concerning the titular metaphor, what it also seems to allude to is an idea like the singer not really understanding why the two of them are so self-sabotaging, so to speak, when it comes to their relationship.

But in any event, even though by the looks of things this romance is less-than-ideal, he doesn’t seem to be considering bouncing or anything like that. Instead, most simply put the vocalist is observing how he and this person he loves caught up in a cycle of malicious discontent.

When was “Blender” released?

This track is from 5 Seconds of Summer’s fifth-studio album. “Blender” was released, through BMG, in advance of its album on 13 July 2022, being issued as a surprise release.

Ashton Irwin is recognized as the initial teaser of this song, doing so in March of 2022. And 5SOS first performed “Blender” in Washington D.C. amidst their Take My Hand Tour, a worldwide tour which began in April, 2022.


Three members of 5SOS – Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin – are credited as co-writers of this track. The other authors are Jake Torrey and the song’s producer, Peter Thomas. And just to note, the fourth member of 5 Seconds of Summer is Michael Clifford.

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