“Complete Mess” by 5 Seconds of Summer 

“Complete Mess” revolves around the vocalist proclaiming that the addressee ‘makes him complete’ but then extending that statement by going on to say that she ‘makes him a complete mess’. Said addressee would be a very dear one to him. And the first of those expressions alludes to the idea that he needs this person in order to feel whole. Or as put forth in the pre-chorus, as it currently stands in the addressee’s absence he is “missing out on half (his) life”. This is a “lesson” he has “learned”, apparently the hard way, that without them around he can’t actually concentrate.

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But that second expression points to why they may have parted ways in the first place. Saying that someone ‘makes you a complete mess’ is basically another way of putting forth that he or she is able to bring out a less-than-ideal side of your character.

So all lyrics considered, what it looks like we’re dealing with here is a tumultuous relationship, one that is currently, if not permanently on hiatus. And this piece ultimately reads like one of those songs in which the vocalist did not come to truly appreciate just how much that special person in his life means to him – that is until he actually lost them.

5 Seconds of Summer, "Complete Mess" Lyrics

You Don’t Know What You Have Until You Lose It!

Many a time, we tend to let our feelings get in the way of our objectiveness. In some cases, the demise of a relationship can be caused by one’s inability to reason with their loved one.

However, as time passes, especially when we find ourselves at a low point and lonely, we naturally tend to crave for the relationship that we destroyed with our own hands. At this point, it is natural to beat ourselves up for letting go of a precious thing. The guilt alone can drive one crazy.

The above is simply put, what the narrator of “Complete Mess” is apparently dealing with after the demise of special relationship. He has come to the sad realization that his life is greatly lacking without this person he took for granted.

Complete Mess

Facts about “Complete Mess”

This song was written by all members of 5 Seconds of Summer. We therefore have the official list of songwriters as follows:

  • Ashton Irwin
  • Calum Hood
  • Luke Hemmings
  • Michael Clifford

Clifford, the band’s guitarist, also produced the track. Owing to this, “Complete Mess” holds the distinction of being the first 5SOS has ever put together completely on their own. According to Irwin, the band had actually been trying to create “Complete Mess” for a period of “ten years”.

This track, being released on 2 March, is 5SOS’s first single of 2022. BMG backed the release of this track. At the time of the track’s, it wasn’t connected to any 5SOS album. However, it was later reported to be a part of the band’s fifth studio album. At the time of Complete Mess’ release, the album was unnamed.

5SOS began teasing this song in mid-February 2022.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This song broke my heart when I first heard it. It was so meaningful to me. I lost my son feb 24 2022 when I first heard it shortly after. He had tumultuous relationship with his father over the years. My son was 31. He was breaking down a week prior. I felt this song was my son speaking on behalf of their relationship. He made my son feel like a complete mess. Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it bc I feel it’s my sons words.

  2. Robin nilsen says:

    When this song was released it was right after I lost my son. I wrote a previous post. Didn’t leave name but I will now.

  3. Mimi says:

    I agree. It sings of Heaven, afterall…makes me think of my beloved grandson who left us all a complete mess when he died at age 14 of a brain tumor.

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