“Bombs on Monday Morning” by Melanie Martinez

Even for an artist who tends to rely on metaphors as heavily as Melanie Martinez does, “Bombs on Monday Morning” is one of the more lyrically-complex songs in her (unreleased) catalog. For instance, as far as the titular “bombs” are concerned, at some points it seems she may be talking about a literal disaster along those lines. And at other times Melanie comes off as being symbolic. But at the end of the day it is obviously the latter which is intended to take precedence. In other words, she may not be talking about a literal life-and-death situation per se, at least not a mass-casualty event. Rather she appears to be primarily alluding to the idea of the relationship between her and the addressee being devastated. And it reads as if this person is her romantic interest.

It has also been put forth that this song fits into the storyline of a fictional character, Crybaby, Melanie Martinez has created. And this is a persona Melanie has adopted on many of her tunes. But either way, at the end of the day it appears that this song has one primary sentiment. And said sentiment being expressed is her undying love for the addressee.

“Bombs are falling on Monday morning”

Facts about “Bombs on Monday Morning”

Perhaps the lyrical complexity of this song has also contributed to the fact that it was never officially released, even some five years going after fans first became knowledgeable of it in mid-2015. However, the track did manage to leak on 16 January 2016. This is actually how it became known to the public in its entirety.

Melanie Martinez wrote this lyrical complex song along with a musical duo known as Kinetics & One Love.

Melanie and the duo have a long collaboration history. Some of the songs the pair has co-written with Melanie include the ones listed below:

Has Melanie Martinez said anything about the meaning of this song’s lyrics?

No. But the song’s lyrics center on her expressing her endless love for the addressee. And seemingly she’s doing this amidst some type of event which threatens their union.

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