“Where I Wanna Be” by Eric Church

Eric Church’s “Where I Wanna Be” is one of those types of songs in which the vocalist goes about praising the women he is strongly attracted to in all of the different places he has traveled. 

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He goes about personifying them into one lady, who would be the addressee. And the reason we are led to believe that even though referred to singularly it is more than one lady is because Church mentions all types of distinct localities where he has seen her. 

And it isn’t logical that he is referring to the same lady being situated in Kansas and Mississippi and the “south of France”. Indeed as implied by the first verse, the thoughts he is relaying of hooking up with her/them may be more of a fantasy than reality. 

It’s more like amidst his travels, he occasionally comes across a woman whom he becomes enamored with. And “wherever she is” also where he, the admirer, himself “wants to be”.

So this song isn’t really meant to be taken seriously, in the sense of the vocalist actually addressing someone he’s involved with. Rather it’s more akin to Eric Church’s – a singer who really seems to appreciate fine women – shoutout to all of the beautiful ladies out there.

Lyrics to "Where I Wanna Be"

This song can simply be defined as Eric Church’s shoutout to a very special lady, who in his eyes, personifies all of the many women who he has interacted with.

"Where I Wanna Be"


In addition to Church, three other songwriters composed “Where I Wanna Be”. They are:

  • Casey Beathard (an award-winning American Country music songwriter). He is the son of NFL legend Bobby Beathard.
  • Jerry Spillman
  • Ryan Tindell

Album and Release Date

“Where I Wanna Be” was released on the 23rd of April, 2021. Although it wasn’t released as a single from its album (“Heart & Soul”), it went on to become a fan favorite.

The aforementioned album was entirely produced by Jay Joyce. It produced a number of hits, including:

Church announced the release of his seventh studio album to his fans in January 2021 via video. By Friday, 23rd April 2021, the outlaw country album had been released in three different parts by EMI Nashville and BigEC. It was produced by Jay Joyce.

“Heart”, the first part of the album was released on 16th April 2021. The second parts of the albums “&” and “Soul” were released a few days later on April 20th and April 23rd respectively.

Heart climbed into the Top 40 spot of the Scottish Albums Charts (OCC). It also earned a Top 10 on UK’s Country Albums (OCC) charts and the U.S Billboard 200 chart. On the Canadian Albums charts, it enjoyed the same feat.

According to the songwriter, he was not sure about the kind of project this album was prior to the release. He recalls being frequently asked by the producer if they were done, three to about 5 days prior to the release dates.

The album was composed while Eric and his team were away on a 28-day camp on the North Carolina Mountains during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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