Bring Me the Horizon’s “In the Dark” Lyrics Meaning

Oli Sykes, the frontman for Bring Me the Horizon, perceives his performing art as having therapeutic properties. Therefore when he was recently faced with the reality of discovering that his wife was being unfaithful, one of the ways he dealt with the situation was by grabbing his pen and mic. And “In the Dark” was the result. 

Indeed the term “in the dark” alludes to the idea of someone not being privy (i.e. unknowledgeable) to what is actually going on in a certain situation. So basically, what the artist is saying is that he was unaware that the addressee (i.e. his wife) was indeed moving with another guy behind his back.  Moreover the insinuation is that she actively deceived him to conceal this fact. 

He uses a bunch of religious-based metaphors to drive home the point that the entire scenario, from an emotional standpoint, has devastated him.

So for instance, he references “Jesus Christ” in relation to how his partner’s “cold” actions have resulted in her ‘losing control’. And basically, the emotional premise that this entire lamentation is set upon is the singer having been convincingly betrayed by her. In fact the deception was so thoroughly set that when he did discover the truth, it resulted in him soul searching and questioning everything he believes in.

Lyrics of "In the Dark"

Facts about “In the Dark”

The music video to this song, which is based on the concept of grieving, stars none other than Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker.

The writing of “In the Dark” was handled primarily by Oliver Sykes. But other members of the band (J. Fish, M. Kean, L. Malia and M. Nicholls) also served as co-writers.

Moreover, both Sykes and Fish are credited as the producers.

Sony Music Entertainment released “In the Dark” as part of Bring Me the Horizon’s album “Amo” on 25 January 2019.

Oli portrays himself more or less as an innocent victim in this song. But the reality is both he and his ex-wife, Hannah Snowdon, admitted that their marriage was indeed a tumultuous one. For instance, in an interview with The Independent, Oli stated that its dissolution “needed to happen”. He further implied that they ‘argued all the time’. And amidst this he was also quite frank about the emotional devastation he experienced due to being cheated on. 

Meanwhile Hannah also depicts herself as a victim of both emotional and physical abuse. She also implied that Oli was unfaithful (first). And she has emerged from the entire situation with the mission of encouraging girls not to tolerate romances where they are being treated in such a manner.

Was “In the Dark” released as a single?

No, it wasn’t.

Yes, it was. Actually it was the 7th single the band released from their bestselling 6th album “Amo”. Other popular songs that came out as singles from this album include the below:

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