Meaning of “Medicine” by Bring Me the Horizon

“Medicine” is the title of a 2019 single by the English rock band Bring Me the Horizon. The song finds the furious narrator (Oliver Sykes) addressing someone who did him wrong. He refers to that person as a dark cloud in his world. He goes on to talk about how much his life has become brighter now that he and that person are no longer together.

In the chorus, his anger against the person becomes even more conspicuous. Here, he categorically wishes ill upon the person by saying they need a taste of their own medicine. This, of course, is where the song’s title was extracted from.

What members of Bring Me the Horizon have said about this song

According to Jordan Fish (who is the band’s keyboardist), the lyrics of the song are about negative people in your life who bring nothing but darkness into your life. He further added that the song goes on to talk about how your life changes for the better when these negative people depart it. Jordan revealed this to the UK-based magazine Kerrang!

Jordan Fish talks about the song "Medicine"

In another interview, he revealed something more interesting. According to him, the song had something to do with lead singer Oliver Sykes’ relationship with his former wife. 

Actually, “Medicine” is about Sykes’ relationship with his former wife Hannah Pixie Snowdown. The pair got married in 2015. However, their marriage was so rife with problems that by 2016 they had divorced. It is rumored that Hannah’s infidelity was one of the contributing factors to the collapse of the marriage.

So in “Medicine”, the person being addressed is apparently Hannah Snowdown. Hannah was alleged to have brought so much pain into Sykes’ life during their brief marriage. As if that wasn’t enough, she reportedly cheated on him with another man.

Oliver Sykes and Hannah
Oliver Sykes and Hannah Snowdon on their wedding day.
Lyrics of "Medicine"
This is the official music video for “Medicine”. It was released on the same day the song was also commercially released.

Facts about “Medicine”

  • The members of Bring Me the Horizon came together write this song. As of the date of this post, the members are: Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Jordan Fish, Matt Kean and Matt Nicholls.
  • Frontman Oliver Sykes produced this track along with Jordan Fish.
  • “Medicine” was officially released on January 3, 2019. It therefore became the band’s first single of 2019.
  • “Medicine” is the seventh track and third single from the band’s sixth studio album titled amo. The songs “Mantra” and “Wonderful Life” were the first two singles from that album.
  • The song’s background vocals were provided by Jordan Fish and Lee Malia.

Does “Medicine” contain samples?

No. Bring Me the Horizon rarely use samples in their songs.

What has Hannah Pixie Snowdown said about this song?

As of the preparation of this post, Hannah Snowdown hasn’t yet reacted to this song. Also, it must be noted that Sykes himself is yet to confirm whether or not he is addressing his former wife in this song. That being said, it is abundantly clear the song is directed at her.

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