“Heavy Metal” by Bring Me The Horizon (ft. Rahzel)

In “Heavy Metal”, Bring Me the Horizon addresses fans and others who have criticized their music. These criticisms sprang from the evolution of the group’s sound from their original hardcore, heavy-metal tunes to tracks that are admittedly more mainstream. In other words, the band changing their approach over the course of time has alienated some of their fan base.

Oli mentions the type of people who tend to voice their opinions concerning Bring Me the Horizon’s performance. These include “kids” on social media who say the band is no longer “heavy metal” and equally juvenile-minded music executives who also let such sentiments influence their thoughts. To put it differently, no one seems to be feeling the band anymore.

The group responds in a somewhat ironic way. In the pre-chorus, they express sympathy for these critical listeners and acknowledge that their voices are heard. However, they also seem to shed light on the fact that audiences expect artistic creativity yet simultaneously clamor to feed the type of media that is not innovative.

Ultimately Sykes embraces and indeed revels in the fact that yes, his band has indeed ventured into a different musical genre. However, they end the track with a hardcore outro. This is apparently to make light of the aforementioned critics. But it also may serve to remind them that if the band so desired, they could still perform effective heavy metal.

Heavy Metal lyrics

Facts about “Heavy Metal”

  • This track was composed by all four members of Bring Me The Horizon, including keyboardist Jordan Fish and lead vocalist Oliver Sykes. Despite rapper Rahzel being featured on the track, he wasn’t involved in the writing of the song.
  • It was released on the 25th of January 2019 under the label Sony Music Entertainment.
  • “Heavy Metal” features on the band’s 2019 album dubbed amo.
  • This song marked the band’s first ever collaboration with American rapper Rahzel.
  • The primary vocalists for this song are Oliver Sykes and Rahzel
  • The producers of this track are Oliver Sykes and Jordan Fish.

Was “Heavy Metal” released as a single?

No. The album amo produced the following five singles:

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