“Charlie Be Quiet!” by Charlie Puth

As the title infers, as far as the chorus and some other segments of the lyrics “Charlie Be Quiet” go, this is a soliloquy. And basically, what the expression “Charlie be quiet” alludes to is Puth reminding himself to never utter those three words, i.e. ‘I love you’, to a romantic interest.

Or explained differently, this is yet another song in a line that Charlie has been dropping of late which are premised on the vocalist having suffered through a less-than-ideal romantic history, one that has now made him wary in terms of fully giving his heart to another. 

But, it is made lyrically clear that at the moment the vocalist is indeed smitten. Or in other words, Charlie is tempted to let his lady and others know that he loves her. But once again going back to his past experiences, he’s concurrently convinced that if he does so, she will promptly proceed to “run away”.

So for the time being, as challenging as it may be, Puth is keeping his feelings in check.  And this includes the whole package, such as frontin’ to both his friends and his sweetheart alike that he isn’t head over heels, even though he is.

Charlie Puth, "Charlie Be Quiet!" Lyrics

Release of “Charlie Be Quiet”

Throughout 2022, Puth dropped multiple singles associated with “Charlie”, his third studio LP, through Atlantic Records. 

“Charlie Be Quiet”, which was released on 30 September, is apparently the last advance single issued from that project. And this is a song which Puth had been teasing for at least a month before its release.

The other singles from “Charlie” are:


Charlie produced this track and also, as is his standard, had a hand in writing it. In that latter regard, he accomplished the task alongside Jacob Kasher.

Charlie Be Quiet!

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