“Smells Like Me” by Charlie Puth

What the title of this song (“Smells Like Me”) points to is the vocalist’s knowledge that the addressee, his ex, is ‘keeping little things to remind her’ of him. In other words, she’s not over Charlie and is holding onto memories of their relationship via mementos which include, as far as the title goes, his cologne and T-shirt.  Both of those items are imbued with Charlie’s “smell”. So, he is more or less taunting his ex for engaging in such practices and by implication being unable to get over him.

But more specifically, he’s not taunting her in the truest sense of the word. Instead, the addressee has moved on to a new lover. But Charlie is confident that, given the above for instance, the new guy’s loving doesn’t match up to his own. 

Also, let’s say as far as the conclusive sentiment goes, the vocalist does obviously want the addressee back. So all lyrics considered, what Charlie is telling this ex – who, based on the way he described this song, is a real-life person – is that she should stop fronting like she’s in love with somebody else.  And if she does come back to the vocalist, maybe they can work things out.

Charlie Puth, "Smells Like Me" Lyrics

When was “Smells Like Me” released?

This is the fourth single that was released from “Charlie”, i.e. Puth’s third-studio album. It was released on 2 September 2022. 

The musician first revealed this tune to his fans in November of 2021.

“Charlie” is another of Charlie’s projects brought to us by Atlantic Records, who has been responsible for practically all of his discography since 2015. Other singles you can find on this album include:


As is his standard, Charlie Puth both wrote and produced this track. The lyrics of “Smells Like Me” were inspired by a failed relationship that Charlie was actually in.

Apparently, he was utterly devastated after said relationship came to an end. However, he turned the pain from the relationship’s demise into the inspiration for this song. This is why in promoting the song, he publicly thanked his ex for inspiring it. According to him, he never knew that the “pain” he felt could transform into a “musical closure”.

Smells Like Me

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