“Loser” by Charlie Puth

The reason Charlie Puth feels like “such a loser” is because he has come to the conclusion that his relationship with his significant other has ended as a result of his own actions. 

So the implication, of course, is that he did not want it to end. Thus we find Charlie thoroughly in his feelings, such as during the pre-chorus, where he appears to be painfully imagining her interacting with other guys.

Puth has revealed that this narrative is based on an experience he went through in real life, as a “singer living in L.A.”. And as with the second verse, his explanation seems to imply that as a result of his stardom or what have you, Charlie was out there living that celebrity life. Meanwhile the woman he loved was at home, all alone and ‘needing somebody up against her body’.

So now she is in control, as in having left the vocalist. In other words, on top of feeling totally defeated, Charlie is also hoping against hope, if you will, that his sweetheart will promptly forgive him and come back.

Lyrics for Charlie Puth's "Loser"

Release of “Loser”

After releasing five singles beforehand, Puth finally got around to dropping “Charlie”, his third studio LP, on 7 October 2022. This was done with the backing of Atlantic Records. And on that same date, “Loser” not only came out as part of the album but was also issued as a promo single itself.

And as such it was granted its own music video, as directed by Phillip R. Lopez.


This is another track that Charlie Puth wrote and produced himself, though Jacob Kasher assisted him in the former regard.

Puth revealed that the creation of “Loser” began with its title. According to him, it all started when he was having a shower and remembering a time in his life when he messed a romantic relationship with someone special. He revealed that messing up the said relationship saddened him greatly and made him feel like a loser.

Puth has referred to this song as one that is both “self-deprecating” and “sad”.


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