“Light Switch” by Charlie Puth

What the situation reads like initially as if the vocalist wants more of a commitment from the addressee. But the latter seems more intent on using him as a sex partner or what have you. In other words, she goes and comes as she pleases. 

And with that in mind, it seems that Charlie’s main gripe is that whereas she may act like the two of them are lovers when the opportunity presents itself, the amount of time she actually decides to spend with him is not indicative of a true love.

Meanwhile, the vocalist himself is really feeling her. But even in his case, let’s say that his interest is primarily physical. Or as described, he’s more or less convinced that she’s fooling around or whatever and accordingly is ready to “walk away”. But then, just “like a light switch”, she has the ability to instantly turn him on. 

And yes, Puth is referring specifically to being sexually enticed by the movements by her body, as well as possibly other acts. Or as metaphorically explained, she has a “tight grip” on him. And when the addressee does in fact get to gripping, he’s powerless to resist.

So in reality, the thesis sentiment of this piece is that the vocalist, due to his sexual attraction to the addressee, is unable walk away from what, in his perspective, is the toxic romance that they share.

Lyrics of Charlie Puth's "Light Switch"

Facts about “Light Switch”

“Light Switch”, which Atlantic Records issued on 20 January, marks Charlie’s first song of 2022. And this track is also the lead single from his third studio album.

Charlie first teased this song in May of 2021 and began sharing it that September, apparently with the goal of keeping fans involved in the creation process. And the musician also described this as being the “the most exciting, happity, uppity, lyrical piece” on Charlie.

Christian Breslauer acted as the director of this track’s music video. And Charlie touted it as being the “favorite video (he’s) ever done”, with the clip reportedly being inspired by The Karate Kid (1984) and featuring Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame.

Charlie produced this song in addition to co-writing it, with the other co-writers being Jacob Kasher and Jake Torrey.

Light Switch

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  1. sofa says:

    Cool I love this song and it has a cool meaning!

  2. Bear says:

    This song’s kinda cool ig-

  3. Leaf says:

    Yeah, karate kid inspired mv and 80s vibe music, I love it and turns everyone on like a light switch *switch*

  4. Charlie Puth says:

    I love this soooooong

  5. anonymous says:

    bro i thought this song was actually good until i learned the true meaning smh

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