Charlie Puth’s “Attention” Lyrics Meaning

Charlie Puth has implied that his hit song “Attention” is about one of his real-life former romantic partners, in fact his first love. But who that is specifically is a matter of debate, since he’s had a few girlfriends before the release of this song.

The subject is, as aforementioned, one of the singer’s exes. More specifically after the two of them have already parted ways she is now, according to him, using sly methods in an effort to get his “attention”. For instance, she talks about him behind his back. And he is convinced that she is doing this because she knows that she’s saying will get back to him. Moreover she’s been bouncing around to “every party in L.A.”. And again, he is under the impression that she is conducting herself so, knowing that they will by all means cross paths at one of them. And some of the other things he is convinced she is doing specifically to get his notice include actions such as wearing his favorite dress and perfume of hers.

She’s getting his Attention

And her strategy is indeed working, as in she has in fact re-piqued Charlie’s interest. But he is not going to go as far as to get re-involved with her romantically. And the primary reason for this disposition seems to be him being convinced that she doesn’t actually want him. Rather he reads the situation more like her wanting to be the object of his desire is her ultimate goal. Also he theorizes that she may be behaving in such a manner due to being jealous that he’s now moved on to a different partner.


So basically, the way Charlie comes off is as if a particular ex-girlfriend is trying to seduce him, in the name of jealousy, but he’s not going to fall for it. But that being said it is also pretty clear that he is still attracted to her. And why are we so sure about this? Simply because the entire scenario is causing him emotional turmoil.

Lyrics of “Attention”

Facts about “Attention”

The music video to this song, which had Emil Nava as its director, featured Samara Weaving, an Australian actress, as the female lead.

The Artist Partner Group and WEA International Inc. released this track on 21 April 2017 as the lead single from Charlie Puth’s second album, which is entitled “Voicenotes”.

Charlie Puth debuted this song at an event called “The Attention Room”, in Los Angeles, on 19 April 2017.

His first live performance of “Attention” is recognized as being on 10 May 2017 episode of “The Voice”.

This tune went on to become one of his biggest hits, topping two Billboard lists (Adult Top 40 and Mainstream Top 40) as well as music charts in Israel, Latvia, Russia, Venezuela, and Ukraine.

Overall “Attention” charted in 40 nations throughout the Americas, Oceania, Europe and Asia. This includes peaking at number 5 in America (i.e. the Billboard Hot 100) and number 9 in Britain.

“Attention” has also been certified multi-Platinum in a few countries, including Spain, Italy and the United States.

Did Charlie Puth write “Attention”?

Yes, Charlie did write this song. He co-wrote it with a songwriter named Jacob Kashner. Furthermore, Charlie also solely handled its production.

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