“Girlfriend” by Charlie Puth

The way the storyline of Charlie Puth’s “Girlfriend” reads is as if the singer has hooked up with a certain lady for the night. It may just be just a casual hookup. But in the midst of such, he lets her know that he wants her to be his “girlfriend”. In short, he wants to initiate a serious, lasting relationship with her. And according to Puth’s own explanation of the tune, he has one main point that he wants to get across in this song. And that is he is going to persist in his pursuit, as his feelings for the addressee are indeed real.

“Baby, would you ever want to be my girlfriend?”

Facts about “Girlfriend”

Being released on June 25th 2020, “Girlfriend” marks the first solo track which Charlie Puth has put out this year (2020).

At the time of its release, this song is considered to be the lead single from a forthcoming Charlie Puth album.

Charlie produced as well as co-wrote “Girlfriend”. And the other co-writer is one of his regular creative partners, Jacob Kasher.

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