“Contact” by Wiz Khalifa (ft. Tyga)

Colloquially the word contact points to the idea of someone getting high via secondhand weed smoke. And keen fans of Wiz Khalifa would already know that when he utilizes this term, such is likely what he is referring to. And yes, in the selfsame line in which the word “contact” is used in the chorus he and Tyga also give a shoutout to “kush”. “Kush” is a term given to a very-powerful strain of weed. But overall this song is not about weed. 

In fact the primary theme of the track is the artists’ interactions with women. And once again those who are familiar with Wiz and Tyga already know how they go about approaching this subject matter, which is by depicting themselves as playas. Tyga especially comes off as if he has an affinity for the likes of strippers. 

The rappers also allude to their impressive wealth, with the situation reading like they utilize it in the name of attracting and retaining the aforementioned ladies. 

So once again, this is a song about the vocalists’ transient sexual relationship.  And anyone who judges this song by its name may be disappointed to find out that it isn’t in fact a smoker’s anthem.

Is this the first time Wiz Khalifa is collaborating with Tyga?

This is one of many collaborations already in existence between Wiz and Tyga. And their collaboration history appears to date back to 2013.

Writing Credits for “Contact”

Tyga and Khalifa wrote “Contact” along with the track producers, Ronny J and CuBeatz (twin brothers Kevin and Tim Gomringer).

Release Date

Atlantic Records released “Contact” on 23 March 2020.  At the time it is speculated that it may be featured on a forthcoming Wiz Khalifa album.

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