“Fun Time” by Bfb Da Packman (ft. Wiz Khalifa)

Packman, in the song “Fun Time”, seems to be talking about how influential he’s been over the years. In his first verse, he argues that he is doing a lot for charity when he uses the phrase “feed the homeless”. He goes on to say that he’s helping a number of his hommies and makes mention of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on society. The rapper also talks about his relationship with women and makes the point that he doesn’t over pamper his partners. He further highlights some difficulties that he had in his previous relationships and makes mention of his love for his baby mama and what he misses about her.

Wiz Khalifa also comes in and highlights on how lucky he’s been with women over the years. He further boasts of his rise in the rap game and states that he has now earned the status of a GOAT (Greatest of All Time).


Wiz Khalifa and Packman


Enrgy Beats




September of 2020

Packman’s Comments:

After the release of the song, a statement from Packman’s camp argued that the song will bring some sort of excitement to the extent the listeners will “eat a dozen donuts”.

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