“Deuces” by Chris Brown (ft. Tyga & Kevin McCall)

The titular “Deuces” is derived from the phrase “Chucking deuces” which is a slang term for telling someone goodbye. As is depicted in the lyrics, chucking up deuces is also a gesture in which a person first raises their middle finger (f*** you) and adds their index finger (peace out), to signify their walking out on the other party.

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In this track, the singer labels this girl as an opportunist and drama queen who is always anticipating the worst things to happen. He vents on how he is tired of her, while mentioning that he’ll find a better partner who understands his needs. He recalls how their relationship started off on a good note, but she began ignoring and lying to him. Since he no longer feels their bond, he asks that she returns her keys and ring because their relationship is over.

Considering the mood of the writer, there is a likelihood that he may have already found a new partner who he perceives as better looking, well mannered and more reasonable than his addressee. He chucks his deuces at her because he is no longer interested in her drama and is ready to move on with someone better.

Quick Facts about “Deuces”

Writing: Brown, McCall and Tyga
Production: McCall
Album: Brown’s 2011 R&B and hip hop album “F.A.M.E.”.
Release: June 25th, 2010

“Deuces” on the Charts

  • United States (14)
  • United Kingdom (68)


“Deuces” earned Brown multiple award nominations, including a Grammy nomination in 2011.

Is “Deuces” about Rihanna?

From the very day Brown dropped this song, many speculated that it centered on Brown’s failed romantic union with Rihanna. Brown is yet to deny or confirm that the lyrics are autobiographical.

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Relationship

Chris Brown and Rihanna actually had a pretty-long relationship, from 2007 to 2013, which began when both of them were in their late teens. However, in the public’s eye their romance was not highlighted by genuine love. Rather there was one specific incident in which, succinctly put, Brown beat Rihanna up.

As relayed by Brown himself, it was actually Rihanna who assaulted him first. One night she was particularly upset due to Breezy’s promiscuous and misleading ways, and things got quite ugly from there. But remember that Chris Brown is a lot bigger and stronger. So at the end of the day, he left her with a couple of horrendous facial bruises, and photos of her injuries were thoroughly-circulated throughout social media.

However, even after this transpired in 2009, the couple continued to date for a few more years. Indeed they had established a mode of operation in which they would regularly take breaks from each other and date other people.

It is not exactly clear what finally caused them to call it quits in 2013. From Rihanna’s perspective, she basically felt they had differences which were irreconcilable. But in the aftermath of the aforementioned assault, it was Brown who rightfully bore the brunt of the blame. For instance, in addition to being sanctioned by the law, he was also briefly banned by some radio stations. However, at the end of the day, like true teenage lovers, both Rihanna and Brown have admitted they respectively hold a permanent place in each other’s heart.

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