“POV” by Wiz Khalifa (ft. Rubi Rose)

POV is a popular acronym that stands for point of view. It is used in various contexts but also just so happens to be the name of a popular genre of adult entertainment. And it is undoubtedly from such a perspective that Wiz Khalifa named this song. So accordingly, the lyrics contained therein are sensually-based. For instance not only does Wiz enlighten us on his favorite ‘point of view’, which is “hit(ting) it from the back”, but overall he presents himself as someone who thoroughly enjoys bedroom fun.  Furthermore, Rubi Rose expounds on just exactly how she likes getting it on.

Interested parties can find this song on the deluxe edition of “The Sage of Wiz Khalifa”.  And the track was dropped by Atlantic Records on 2 October 2020.

ISM, the producer of POV, also co-wrote it with Wiz and Rubi.

“POV” is the first track upon which Rubi Rose and Wiz have teamed up.

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