“Courage to Change” by Sia

Sia begins “Courage to Change” by letting her audience know that she can relate to everyone’s pain point, which is to embrace change and become better.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Sia's Courage to Change at Lyrics.org.

She then goes on to address how she wants her life to be significant while her songs influence people positively. Although the singer assures her audience throughout the song that together they can achieve several feats, the last line of the verse and the chorus portrays her fear of pursuing change in itself.

Basically, the artist ponders over living a purposeful life and leaving a lasting legacy amidst difficulty. The writer intends to encourage her listeners to avoid being stagnant but instead look forward to positive change, knowing that together they can face all their fears.

“Courage to Change” Facts

  • Artist: Sia
  • Writing: Sia alongside Pink and Greg Kurstin
  • Production: Kurstin
  • Release: September, 2020
  • Album/EP: “Music”

The reason singer Pink is credited as one of the writers of “Courage to Change” is simply because her 2019 track “Courage” is interpolated in this song.


“Courage to Change” belongs to the soul genre of music.

Did Sia release “Courage to Change” released as a single?

Yes, she did. The song is one of the singles from her “Reasonable Woman” album. Another prominent single from her “Reasonable Woman” project is the song “Together”.

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